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Full-stack JavaScript developer

MEVISIO continues to gain traction in the market and we’re now looking for a JavaScript developer in Stockholm to join us during the autumn and make it possible for more clients to digitize their Visual Management.

The product is an extremely flexible platform (configured for each customer) and is built entirely in JavaScript. Therefore, we expect you to be an expert (or want to become one) in JavaScript and related technologies (Node.js, React, React Native, Electron). We are a small team and your contributions will be important from day one. You are expected to add to our knowledge in performance (back-end/front-end), cloud security, UX, DevOps and systems integration. As you might understand by now, we do not sit around and plan for hours - we build stuff. Really good stuff.


Our clients are typically large and medium sized companies that use Visual Management in the production as part of their Lean initiative. A really great customer would start off with a couple of boards in MEVISIO and do a trial with a new 70" touch screen (yes, we can deliver that too). Then, after a successful implementation, they decide to do a global roll-out factory by factory. After a while even the HR department have started to use MEVISIO for their daily meetings. Knowledge of Lean methodologies (Lean Production/Lean Healthcare etc.) is valuable but no requirement. 


We are in the beginning of a very interesting journey and invite you to come along from (almost) the start. Welcome to contact us if you want to transform Visual Management with us!

Contact if you have any questions.

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